4-Step Formula For More Conversions

4-Step Formula For More Conversions

As business owners, we all want more leads, right? But leads don’t necessarily mean sales.

What if you had a process to convert the leads into warmer and more interested prospects? Could you have more success turning warm prospects into sales? Of course!

Here’s my 4-step formula for converting more leads into a warm and interested audience of prospects:

Step 1- Captivate

Start with a headline about the problem that your audience has that they don’t want. This is your hook to catch their attention. Your connection starts here whether it is spoken, written or in images, you’ve got to catch their attention. Announcing that you understand a problem that your prospect has.

Step 2-Fascinate

Continue with a sub-headline with the promise of a solution that they want that they haven’t found yet. Your prospect wants to know that there is a solution within reach. They really don’t care how you are going to fix their problem; they just want it fixed.

Step 3 - Educate

Through information, present evidence that you and your product or service are superior in every way to your competition. Share proof, provide case studies, and give a glance into your methodology. Show that it is possible and easy to get rid of the problem.

Step 4 - Offer

Make an offer to the next logical step in their buyer’s journey. When you’ve primed them with the previous 3 steps they are ready for what they need to do next. It may be anything from a download to a sales call, whatever seems to be the next logical step. Don’t rush the offer, make the offer exactly what they need to make the next decision.

Conversions are the most important part of every sales process because, without smaller yeses, you’ll never get to the big yes which is the sale. I encourage you to take some time during this mid-year break to review your sales process and look for ways to improve your conversion rate.

Marcia Riner

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